24k Gold Bars Buying Guide

24k gold bars

If you are thinking about buying 24k gold bars, you have got your eye on a wonderful investment.  The availability of 24k gold bars makes such an investment an easy selection if you are seeking to diversify your financial portfolio.  The fact that 24k gold bars are highly valuable, attractive, and easy to buy and sell also make such bars the ideal investment for gold buyers looking for a solid and more stable form of investment too.  Here are a few tips for buying gold bars when you are ready to make your investment.

Work with a Reliable Gold Dealer

Make sure that you are working with a reliable and professional gold dealer.  You can find a number of gold dealers on the Internet, but that does not make every gold dealer trustworthy.  Assess the website carefully, read up on the experience of the gold dealer, and do not be afraid to ask questions about the gold bars you plan on purchasing.  In addition, request from the gold bar dealer you are working with proof that the 24k gold bars you will be buying have been fully assayed as well as tested, and only buy gold bars that are certified.  Finally, give full consideration to the amount of time that the gold bar dealer has been conducting business; a long time in business is a testament to the gold bar dealer’s professionalism.

Assess the Gold Bars Carefully

When you are ready to make your gold bar purchase, make sure you look over the details carefully.  Are their refiner’s marks on the 24k gold bars you want to purchase or is there some kind of brand name that is identifiable?  What is the gross weight of the gold bars you are buying?  Review carefully the purity of the gold bar in question, and always look for a serial number of the gold bars you are planning to buy.  If the images you see over the website do not supply you with the information you seek, contact the gold dealer immediately to determine if such information is available.  An honest gold dealer will supply you with all of the information you request.

Know How to Store Your Gold

While 24k gold bars are astonishingly beautiful, you certainly cannot leave them lying around on your coffee table!  Small gold bars can be conveniently stored in a household safe or even in a safety deposit box unit.  If you are opting for large gold bars, you are going to need a place to keep them completely safe.  You may want to give consideration to a vault site that is bonded for your gold storage.

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