24k Gold Bars Buying Guide

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24k gold bars

If you are thinking about buying 24k gold bars, you have got your eye on a wonderful investment.  The availability of 24k gold bars makes such an investment an easy selection if you are seeking to diversify your financial portfolio.  The fact that 24k gold bars are highly valuable, attractive, and easy to buy and sell also make such bars the ideal investment for gold buyers looking for a solid and more stable form of investment too.  Here are a few tips for buying gold bars when you are ready to make your investment.

Work with a Reliable Gold Dealer

Make sure that you are working with a reliable and professional gold dealer.  You can find a number of gold dealers on the Internet, but that does not make every gold dealer trustworthy.  Assess the website carefully, read up on the experience of the gold dealer, and do not be afraid to ask questions about the gold bars you plan on purchasing.  In addition, request from the gold bar dealer you are working with proof that the 24k gold bars you will be buying have been fully assayed as well as tested, and only buy gold bars that are certified.  Finally, give full consideration to the amount of time that the gold bar dealer has been conducting business; a long time in business is a testament to the gold bar dealer’s professionalism.

Assess the Gold Bars Carefully

When you are ready to make your gold bar purchase, make sure you look over the details carefully.  Are their refiner’s marks on the 24k gold bars you want to purchase or is there some kind of brand name that is identifiable?  What is the gross weight of the gold bars you are buying?  Review carefully the purity of the gold bar in question, and always look for a serial number of the gold bars you are planning to buy.  If the images you see over the website do not supply you with the information you seek, contact the gold dealer immediately to determine if such information is available.  An honest gold dealer will supply you with all of the information you request.

Know How to Store Your Gold

While 24k gold bars are astonishingly beautiful, you certainly cannot leave them lying around on your coffee table!  Small gold bars can be conveniently stored in a household safe or even in a safety deposit box unit.  If you are opting for large gold bars, you are going to need a place to keep them completely safe.  You may want to give consideration to a vault site that is bonded for your gold storage.

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Understanding Gold Bar Price Variations

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Gold bar price variations occur on a daily basis and are directly affected by present day gold prices. Whenever the value associated with gold goes up the value of any gold bars that you own or any gold bars that you invest in parallels such an increase. Gold is always valuable no matter what the present gold bar price is valued at, and this is why it serves as a more reliable investment for savvy investors. You have the option of investing in small or large gold bars and you can rest assured in knowing that the gold bar price will always be comfortably high and valuable.

Gold Bar Price
Things that presently affect gold bar price include spot premiums, the costs of creating the gold bars, and the gold bar dealer you choose to work with since they decide how to profit from the gold bars being sold. If you are buying from an online gold bar dealer, you are often faced with additional costs like the costs involved in sending the gold bars to you. In addition, when you are looking to buy gold bars you will also be faced with certain taxes that apply in various countries when it comes to buying gold.

When it comes to buying gold bars, you can get more for your money if you buy gold bars that are heavy in terms of weight. Weightier gold bars are sold for smaller spot premiums based on a per ounce or per kilo basis. You should also note that as the price of gold bars increases, the cost of gold bars per ounce lowers.

It is nice to know that you have plenty of options to choose from when you want to start investing in gold bars. Gold bar pricing often reflects the size of the gold bar you purchase; if you choose a one-gram gold bar you will pay more than if you choose 400 ounce gold bars. There are actually 30 different kinds of gold bars for you to choose from when you are ready to invest in gold and the gold’s purity, the manufacturer, the weight of the gold, and the going price for gold each day all play a role in the bottom-line gold bar price.

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What makes Credit Suisse Gold Bar Popular among Gold Investors

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Credit Suisse gold bar options are among the most coveted and popular gold bullion selections today.  Investors know a good thing when they see it and Credit Suisse gold bar options give investors a valuable investment while they also supply the investor with peace of mind.  If you are new to the investment world and you are considering investing in gold, the most secure investment form of gold investments can be identified in the act of investing in a Credit Suisse gold bar.  The Credit Suisse bar is a super easy investment to buy: you can get them from local gold dealers in your area or you can choose to shop online and buy from an honest online dealer too.

Credit Suisse gold bars are comfortably sized and priced.  When you are buying a Credit Suisse gold bar you are getting a solid gold bar that is small enough for you to easily store in your home in a secure safe or inside a bank safety deposit box.  If you should have to liquefy your Credit Suisse gold bars for any reason, you will find that you can do so rather quickly and with amazing ease.
Credit Suisse Gold Bar
A Credit Suisse gold bar is a bar that possesses amazing purity too; you will be investing in a bar that is crafted of 24k gold.  There will be no question about the investment either because every bar is marked with precisely what the bar weighs and its contents.  Each bar even has a serial number to prove its actual authenticity.

The best benefit identified with buying a Credit Suisse gold bar is the fact that every single bar is fully backed by the Credit Suisse Bank in Switzerland.  This means that the gold bars are assayed, fully tested, assigned a serial number, and they can be tracked.  They are also certified by the bank for their actual gold purity.  When it comes to buying gold you definitely want gold bars that are tested and certified so that you can easily prove the authenticity of the gold bars when you are ready to sell them and liquefy your investment into cash.

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How to Buy Cheap Gold Bullion Bars

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Gold bullion bars are available from a number of different dealers online, but you really need to make sure that you are buying from someone that is super trustworthy and professional.  The gold bullion bars that you buy should be purchased from a gold bullion bars dealer that really knows a lot about gold bars, how they are bought and sold, and how to ensure that the gold bars are authentic.  If you really want to turn to a gold dealer with an excellent amount of knowledge about gold, about gold authenticity, and a dealer that offers professional services, you should check out a site like the Goldbarshop.com.
5 gram gold bar

Getting gold bullion bars is the latest investment trend for many smart and prudent investors.  Finding valuable gold bars online and storing them in a safe place serves as a more stable form of investment when compared to other forms of investment.  The price of gold is continually increasing and smart investors appreciate the longevity of gold in terms of its lasting value.  The long term value of gold bars is quite appealing to investors, especially in the face of today’s significantly troubled economy.  While it is true that the investor may witness some fluctuation in terms of gold value, gold is still a far less volatile investment choice.

Goldbarshop.com offers gold bullion bars for sale via the Internet.  You will find plenty of information on the Goldbarshop.com website too, and you will be instantly educated about Suisse Gold bars, and PAMP gold bars.  You will be able to find gold bars for sale that are of different weights and prices, and all of which are fairly priced over the present gold spot price.  The premiums assigned to gold bars are super reasonable.  Goldbarshop.com allows you to shop for gold bars with ease from the comfort of home.  You can feel confident in every purchase, and you will not have to worry about the authenticity and purity of the gold bars that you purchase.

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Invest in Gold Bullion Bar in Today’s Economy

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A gold bullion bar investment is the growing trend among today’s investors, but why?  When it comes to the gold bullion bar, investors feel that such an investment is somewhat safer than other forms of investments, especially in light of today’s economy.  What’s more, getting one or more gold bullion bar items helps in making your financial portfolio considerably diverse.

A prudent investor fully understands that a financial portfolio should not heavily rely on any one form of investment.  Since stocks are extremely volatile, a gold bullion bar investment seems far more reasonable.  The gold bar prices today are pretty stable which makes an investor more comfortable with buying gold over getting bonds or stocks.  What’s more, gold has always performed impressively well throughout the years and even if the gold spot price fluctuates from day to day, the precious metal continues to remain coveted and valuable.
Gold bullion bar

Even saving cash is less of an investment option than buying gold and that is because the economy today is having a dramatic and baneful affect on the American dollar.  Gold however, continues to rise in price, and this makes gold a far more desirable form of investing.  Gold bullion bars can be saved up, stored away, and easily liquefied into cash later on too.

The investment in a gold bullion bar is a way to balance out an otherwise well diversified portfolio.  If for example, you have investments in bonds and/or stocks and the prices of such investments drop, often times your gold investments can help keep your financial portfolio balanced out since the price of gold often rises even when bonds and stock prices are dropping.

A gold bullion bar is commonly sold for roughly two to five percent over the present going price for gold.  The all-time low premiums assigned to today’s gold bullion are making such bars ultra attractive investments.  You can buy gold for just a bit of money over the gold bar’s original value, and hold onto the gold until you can make a decent profit on the gold yourself, if and when you liquidize your investment.

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How to Buy Gold Bars Online Safely

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Are you thinking about purchasing gold bars and wondering how you can actually buy gold bars online safely? There are specific steps that you can take when you decide to buy gold bars online that will ensure that your purchase is a safe one. By being knowledgeable about how to buy gold bars online you can have far more confidence in each and every gold bar purchase that you make.

Buy Gold Bars Online

First, when you are ready to buy gold bars online, make sure you are fully aware that buying more means you are paying less. You can save yourself the most money when you choose to get larger, weighty gold bars since smaller gold bars are assigned with higher premiums; not every gold dealer will tell you this. Basically, the more you know about how gold is sold and how it is priced, the more empowered you will be the moment you buy gold bars online.

You should also know that there are some small differences in terms of cast gold bars and minted bars, particularly when it comes to price. If you see a marginally higher price assigned to minted bars, this is common, and the higher cost has everything to do with the way the bars are minted. If however, you find cast gold bars priced higher than minted bars, something is amiss and you should start looking for a different gold dealer online to work with.

Do not just accept what a gold dealer says about the present price of gold. Check it out for yourself; this is easy enough to do online. When you are buying gold bars you need to be ready to do all of the research and homework necessary. Be your own advocate and empower yourself with knowledge so you can protect yourself.

Before you get all wrapped up in buying gold online, make sure you fully understand your own financial position. Figure out your budget and know before you begin to shop precisely how much you are willing to spend. Do not for get to make allowances for variances in gold price on a day to day basis, the premiums assigned to the gold bars, and what you have to pay for taxes, shipping, and handling.

Do not buy gold bars online from the very first vendor you find that you think is reasonable. Shop around, compare the various prices, and make sure that you are getting the best deal possible on authentic, pure gold bars before you buy.

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All You Need To Know To Buy Gold Bars

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Adding gold bullion to your investments brings some matchless advantages. A gold bar is a highly liquid investment, the market is transparent, and few other investments can offer such a hedge against the ravages of inflation. When you buy gold bars, you're joining a long tradition of canny financiers who prosper no matter what the state of the economy. But before you enter the gold market, it's a good idea to understand the fine details of what you're buying. Here's all you need to know to buy gold bars.

Firstly, let's look at how the quality of gold is measured and certified. You've probably bought gold jewllery at some point and are familiar with the term 'karat' (sometimes spelt carat) (abbreviation ct or kt). This is a measure of the purity of gold with 24-karat (or 24K) meaning the purest form.

This K system is used in the United States and Canada. It's also known as 'fine' or 999 (also known as three nines fine) in Europe. Any number below 24 indicates that the gold is alloyed or mixed with some other metal. For example, 18-carat gold is 75% gold. Many European countries use what is known as the percentage hallmark stamp rather than the K. Thus 18K would be known as 750. When buying gold bars, you should only go for those with fineness of 0.999 and above (24 karats).

Next, let's see how the quantity of gold is measured.
Precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver are measured in troy ounces. This has nothing to do with the ancient city of lore but is derived from the French town of Troyes which was a thriving precious metals centre and where this unit of measurement was first used. One troy ounce is the equivalent of 31.10 grams and so around 10% heavier than the avoirdupois ounce. Banks tend to buy and hold gold in metric tons with one ton equal to 32,150 troy ounces.

Next, let's look at the different forms of physical gold you can buy.
Essentially when buying gold, you have the choice of bars, coins and jewelery. Both bullion bars and coins are priced on the basis of their gold content. However, the premiums charged by the dealer are likely to be higher on coins than on bars. This means your transaction costs will be higher.

As for jewelery, you have to factor in charges for design and craftsmanship making this form of gold the least effective for investment purposes. If you buy gold jewelery, it should be for the pleasure the item gives you rather than monetary considerations.

Finally, let's consider the all-important matter of how the price of gold is fixed.

One of the factors that make gold such a fine investment is that the market is transparent. The official gold price is fixed twice daily in London at the offices of N M Rothschild. This price, which is the international benchmark price, is set in US dollars per fine troy ounce of gold. This means that you can always easily find out the exact current gold price via the internet or other news sources. Unlike some investments, you are never in the dark about the value of your gold.

Now that you know all about the product, let's consider the overall method of how to buy gold bars and gold bullion in the UK. It's very straightforward. If you're interested in adding gold bullion to your investments or just want some gold as security for the future, the best way to acquire it is to buy gold bars. You can find reputable gold dealers online who will deliver your purchase via insured Royal Mail. You can browse their websites to find the quantities of your choice and then placing an order is very simple.

Gold has long been a symbol of love, of beauty, and of success and quality, too, and today is the perfect investment to hold its value in difficult times.

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How Much do Gold Bars Cost

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When it comes to buy gold bars, all gold bars come in a range of sizes from 50 grams, 100 grams, 1 kilogramm, 1 ounce, 10 ounces, 100 ounces and 400 ounces, to give a broad indication. The thinner gold bars are often referred to as gold biscuits or gold wafers.

Of course the very wealthy can purchase the 400 ounce bars and these are usually stored in banks, but it is mostly countries and large businesses that would use gold in such quantities as a means of storing their wealth this way. For us ordinary mortals it is usually the 1 gram up to perhaps 50 or 100 ounce bars that we can afford.

There are many bars available in the market imported from all over the world. Some of the more well-known refineries of gold bars are Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey, PAMP Suisse, Perth Mint, UBS and Rand Refinery to name but a few.

How Much do Gold Bars Cost?

Firstly it is very useful to have a comparison of the weights of gold. 100 grams equals 3.2151 oz Troy ounces and 31.1035 grams equals 1 troy ounce

Gold always sells at the current market value with a margin from the dealer.

The margin can be high or low depending on the dealer, packaging, any sales tax and freight. For tiny 1 gram bars the margin is going to be considerable, perhaps even the cost of the gold again, so this would not be a very viable purchase. Purchasing a 100 gram or 50 ounce bar would give you a drop in the margin and, as you are getting more into the professional markets and less into the 'consumer' market, packaging becomes less of an issue. After all you want to buy a gold bar, not some plastic and printed cardboard with it.

The Fineness you often see, refers to the purity of the gold. Gold purity is expressed in parts per thousand. So 995 is 995/1000 or 99.5% pure. Today, it is possible to produce gold up to 99.9999% purity and referred to as 999.

This explains why you have two bars of identical weight going for different rates. The variation would be the fineness of the gold. It would be referred to as either 995 or 999. The 999 being more expensive since it is better refined.

Source: goldprice.org

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Understanding Gold Bar Weights and Purities

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Gold bars are normally classified into two broad categories of weight.  A large bar weighs more than 1000 g, a small bar weighs 1000 g or less. Bars are manufactured in different millesimal gold purities (or fineness), most ranging between 965 and 999.9.


Around the world, bars can be denominated or traded in different units of weight to accommodate the preferences of regions or countries.  The most prominent units are the gram, troy ounce, tola, tael, baht, chi (or cay or luong), don and mesghal.

Although the London Good Delivery 400 oz bar, the world’s most important large bar, is traded in troy ounces on the London Bullion Market, and the international gold price is quoted in US dollars per troy ounce, there is a worldwide trend for small cast and minted bars to be denominated in grams.

Although the list below provides a broad indication of where the listed units of weight for small bars are widely used, in many countries a variety of units is used.

Gram: International
Troy ounce: Mainly English-speaking countries: USA, UK and Australia
Tola: Mainly Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East
Tael: Mainly Hong Kong and Taiwan
Baht: Thailand
Chi: Vietnam
Don: South Korea
Mesghal: Iran


There are three prominent large bars:
400 oz: Approximate weight.  London Good Delivery, if manufactured by a LBMA-accredited refiner.
100 oz: Approximate weight.  COMEX Good Delivery, if the brand is accredited to COMEX.
3000 g: Shanghai Gold Exchange Good Delivery, if manufactured by a SGE-accredited refiner.

Some refiners advise that other large bars are also occasionally made to precise or approximate weights.  For example, in ounces (250 oz and 50 oz) and in grams (2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg).


Among surveyed manufacturers, small bars around the world are available in a diverse range of more than 50 different cast or minted weights. However, by far the most important small bar, widely used by fabricators and investors around the world, is the cast kilobar (1000 g).


The declared purity (or fineness) of a bar’s gold content is important as it enables its weight of “fine gold” to be calculated.

The purity is normally marked in parts gold per 100, 1,000 or 10,000 parts.
For example, the same gold purity (99.99% by weight) can be expressed as follows:
9999 9,999 parts gold in 10,000 parts
999.9 999.9 parts gold in 1,000 parts
99.99 99.99 parts gold in 100 parts

Although there is generally a widespread preference for small barswith a precise millesimal purity of 995 or 999.9, bars are also manufactured in other purities.

Large gold bars

In the case of some large bars, the gold fineness can vary.  For example, as London Good Delivery 400 oz bars and COMEX Good Delivery 100 oz bars are permitted to vary between 995.0 and 999.9, a mark of 995.8 or 998.7 or 999.6 might be stamped on a bar.

Small gold bars

Although there is generally a widespread preference for small bars with a fineness of 999.9 or 995, bars are also manufactured in other purities. Although the table below broadly indicates where specific purities for small bars are popular, in many countries bars are available in a variety of purities.

999.9: International
999: Mainly Indian Sub-continent
995: Mainly Middle East and Indian Sub-continent
990: Hong Kong
965: Thailand

Source: Gold Bars Worldwide

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Gold Bar Types

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Gold bars are classified into two types, dependent on their method of manufacture: cast and minted.

A gold bar is broadly defined as a cast or minted gold item, regardless of shape, which is made by a recognized bar manufacturer.  It is normally issued at a low premium above the prevailing value of its fine gold content.

The markings on bars are mainly functional, recording where required the name of the manufacturer or issuer, the bar’s weight and gold purity, and a serial number.

However, it can be noted that the characteristics of bars manufactured worldwide can vary with many widely traded bars having their own distinctive features.

For example:
• London Good Delivery “400 oz” bars have variable weights and purities, and the weight is not normally recorded on the bar.
• The minimum or specified gold purity of bars, accepted as “good delivery” by leading associations and exchanges, can range from 99% to 99.99%.
• Most minted bars manufactured worldwide include a design or motif on the reverse side as a standard feature.
• While most cast bars record a serial number, like gold coins most small minted bars manufactured worldwide do not.
• Many cast bars have few or no markings, and variable weights and purities, when produced mainly for jewellery, industrial and other fabricators.

It can also be observed that the bulk of bars manufactured worldwide is absorbed by jewellery, industrial and other fabricators, and that all cast and minted bars have the capacity to be used by both fabricators and investors, when issued or available at a low premium above the prevailing value of their fine gold content.

Cast barsare normally produced directly from gold that has been melted. However, the way in which melted gold is used in their manufacture can vary. The traditional method is to cast (i.e. pour) gold, which has been melted in a crucible, into a mould with appropriate dimensions.

A modern method, now widely used to manufacture a smaller cast bar, is to melt, in a furnace, a measured weight of gold granules or cut pieces of gold that have been placed in a mould with appropriate dimensions.

Another modern method, used to create a cast bar that is long and flat, notably for the manufacture of minted bars, is to pass melted gold through a die, which has a specified width and thickness and has been clamped between cooling blocks, in a continuous casting process.

Markings, if required, are usually applied manually or by a press. When manufactured in an open mould, most cast bars are “inclined” (i.e. tapered) in shape to facilitate their removal from the mould.

Consequently, the dimensions (length and width) of the top and base surface areas are not normally the same.  While the top surface is usually smooth, the base surface and sides tend to be relatively rough. Although cast bars are normally rectangular (broad or narrow, flat or inclined), some refiners also manufacture them in other shapes (e.g. rod, round, square).

Minted barsare normally cut from a cast bar that has been rolled to a uniform thickness.  The cutting is usually done with a die to create blanks that have the required dimensions and weight.

All the surfaces (top, base and sides) are smooth and even.  Markings are normally applied by a minting press. Although most minted bars are rectangular, they are also manufactured in a variety of other shapes (e.g. round, square, oval).

Minted “pendant” bars, which incorporate a hook or hanger so they can be worn, are also manufactured.

Terminology: minted bars are also referred to as ingots, and in some countries as wafers, minted products or “coins”, when the shape is round.

The following are broad definitions and classifications that are used by The Industry Collection of Gold Bars Worldwide.

Unwrought bars

The Industry Collection classifies low purity cast gold bars(i.e. newly- mined dore? bars and bars made from melted down scrap), and refined cast gold bars used for fabrication or investment purposes, as unwrought bars.

It also classifies minted gold barsas unwrought bars for fabrication or investment purposes, when they are manufactured by a recognized bar manufacturer, include official markings, and are known to have been issued at a low premium above the prevailing value of their fine gold content.
However, it can be noted that, while some countries classify minted gold bars as “unwrought”, others classify them under some other category, notably as “other semi-manufactured forms” or as “other articles of precious metal”.

Investment bars

The Industry Collection also classifies a cast or minted bar as an investment bar, when known to have been issued by a recognized bar manufacturer or issuer at a low premium above the prevailing value of its fine gold content.

Ornamental bars

Within the Industry Collection, this classification applies to gold bars that are issued at a fixed price or at a high premium above the value of their fine gold content.  This would include the limited edition of proof “Fine Art” bars from Singapore, and “model bars” from South Korea.

Note on pendant bars

The Industry Collection normally classifies minted pendant gold bars, i.e. those that incorporate a hook or hanger so they can also be worn, as investment bars.  This classification is applied when the bars are issued by a recognized bar manufacturer or issuer, include the same official markings as standard minted bars, and are issued at a low premium above the prevailing value of their fine gold content.


Cast and minted bars from around the world can be grouped into more than 50 categories.  For concise information and an illustration of each category, refer to the International Bar Group Register, “Categories of Gold Bars”.

Source: Gold Bars Worldwide

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